If you are a football or soccer fan, then you may be somewhat informed about VAR. VAR is essentially a replay centre, and that in itself is not technologically advanced in any way. In fact, the use of VAR is probably somewhat outdated already, and should have been around twenty to thirty years ago. It had been introduced way too late in the game of football and soccer, and it seems only natural that the upgraded and better version of VAR is already in preparation.

This specific project that we decided to invest into is not simply a replay room. The problem with VAR in its current format as we have seen in the Women’s World Cup 2019 is the ability to still make the incorrect decisions regarding refereeing decisions. Even worse, it has taken a total of 45 minutes of in game playing time for those decisions to be made. What we have on our hands is not a replay centre, but rather an actual VAR referee.

The VAR referee is simply an algorithm based on hundreds of thousands of football footage. Using the same techniques as you would a machine learning AI, a human had sifted through hundreds of thousands of hours of fouls and other bad decisions by players to teach an AI script on what decisions are incorrect and when a foul or a mistake has been made.

Using this same algorithm, the VAR is now able to pick up a foul or a non-foul correctly 97% of the time instantly and will automatically ping the referee with a code number whenever a foul is made, or a decision needs to be reversed.

However, due to the infancy of the project there are still mistakes being made on a daily basis with the 3%. Until that 3% is ironed out and there is a 100% success rate, there is no reason to implement the code. There will also be a margin of error for new issues that may arise, but the group cannot plan for that.

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Artificial Grass

One of the biggest luxuries for home owners around the world is the idea of having grass that is self-sustainable and requires very little care. Artificial grass is one of the few options that you have to create a front lawn or garden that is absolutely beautiful and requires very little to no upkeep in order to ensure that it stays beautiful and fresh.

Artificial grass is a significant improvement on astro turf and other ways to fake the grass effect. Grass itself should not be eliminated from homes as the benefits that they provide the environment far outgrow the length and amount of time that it takes to care to and tender them. But for home owners, using artificial grass as a source of beauty for the exterior of your home is becoming increasingly common today.

The reason that artificial grass is so high in demand right now is simply due to the lack of upkeep necessary. But the reason we have decided to invest quite heavily into artificial grass is because of how well this grass works. If you look at artificial grass Perth based companies such as this, they provide a very cost-effective and open way to replace your grass with artificial grass, layer over existing grass or entirely replicate the grassy look as a whole.

Artificial grass works well for significant audiences, but what we have found is that it is most suitable to those who are elderly. It is difficult for elderly people to properly take care of their own homes and garden on a regular basis due to joint and muscle pains, so artificial grass can work the same way for them without the actual work itself.

The company is not trying to remove grass or replace grass altogether, but rather come up with a way to properly replicate grass.

Self Cooking Oven

This is a very experimental product, and it will most likely not be ready for the next few years, but what we have invested in recently and has become public is the self cooking oven. It works exactly as it sounds.

If you input the type of meat that you are cooking and the various levels that you want it cooked at if applicable, this oven will cook the food for you automatically. There are four separate heated shelves that you can cook with, meaning that you could make an entire Sunday roast automatically thanks to this oven. The way it works is genius, but we cannot go into too much detail as the project is still a long way from being mass produced and giving away all secrets will damage us.

Quite honestly, you can see why this one is an obvious project to invest in. If you are able to mass produce an oven that can cook four separate products at the same time without you having to do anything as the oven even chooses the time that it will be cooked for based on the current heat of the meat, vegetable or item that you are currently cooking, then you have broken ground. Cooking food is one of the few things that you have to do in order to survive in life, and it is one of the few things that nobody likes to do.

If you are able to create a product that will literally be a household name, then you are creating a doorway into the history books and a billion-dollar company. Let us just hope it is going to be as successful as we truly believe that it will be! This is a project that has the chance to revolutionise homes and restaurants around the world rapidly, but there is a slight concern about the loss of jobs.

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Hot Tub Automater

This is not a project that is for the greater good, but a project that has been created by a very small start up company that we took interest in specifically because we enjoy the potentials of the technology itself. The actual coding and the software are a hot tub Automator. When we say it automates, we mean that it knows when a user wants to use the hot tub and judging by the current weather of that day or night, knows exactly what temperature that hot tub should be ergonomically.

The reason this tech is so important is because of the potential it has for both humans and animals over the next few years. It works both as a motion detector but also as a temperature gauge. Using thermo software, it accurately picks up on the temperature of the room or the outside, and then will go based on the ergonomic scale of what it believes would be the optimal temperature for that moment in time based on the feedback of thousands of people over AI machine learning.

This technology could be used for so many significant improvements in personal hygiene such as ordinary household baths and showers, for public and private swimming pools and even for the cleaning of animals that are in farms and zoos. The reason the software works so well is because it has incorporated various scripts and software of previously successful apps and projects and uses them to optimally create the temperature for the water itself.

If the time ever comes where the hot tub is always accurate, then the model could be shifted to be put into households. When you wake up in the morning before work, it is a bit of a chore to get the right temperature in the shower. In this case, the software would automatically pick up the right temperature based on the room.

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Cerbero Studio

Cerbero Studio is the financial backing company of some of the best cutting-edge technology available. We have invested millions into various companies who are bringing the best in technology, and who are slowly improving the worlds technological advances all around the world. We do not have any plans to become a company like Apple or Sony, but instead we plan to become the number one investment group to the newest and highest tech companies in the world.

With Cerbero, cutting edge technology will always be the focus of the business as we want to help create and innovate for businesses in the world. It has very important to help what are essentially start up tech companies thrive, especially if their technology is going to help the greater good.

There are a few new products and services that we are investing in and trying to grow as part of our investment group, and we are going to be talking about some of them over the next few months. This is not a ploy to advertise or to get people to invest. The truth is, we do not want anyone to invest as it will affect our bottom line, and we do not want to lose out on profits! But we want to discuss these projects as we feel they are going to be some of the biggest things to come over the next few years.

We are also always on the lookout for more start up companies that are investing into new and innovative tech, so if you feel that you have one of the next big things then I would definitely recommend contacting us as soon as you can! We will definitely have a look. For now, we hope that you continue to read our blog posts and if anything grabs your attention contact us today!

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