Hot Tub Automater

This is not a project that is for the greater good, but a project that has been created by a very small start up company that we took interest in specifically because we enjoy the potentials of the technology itself. The actual coding and the software are a hot tub Automator. When we say it automates, we mean that it knows when a user wants to use the hot tub and judging by the current weather of that day or night, knows exactly what temperature that hot tub should be ergonomically.

The reason this tech is so important is because of the potential it has for both humans and animals over the next few years. It works both as a motion detector but also as a temperature gauge. Using thermo software, it accurately picks up on the temperature of the room or the outside, and then will go based on the ergonomic scale of what it believes would be the optimal temperature for that moment in time based on the feedback of thousands of people over AI machine learning.

This technology could be used for so many significant improvements in personal hygiene such as ordinary household baths and showers, for public and private swimming pools and even for the cleaning of animals that are in farms and zoos. The reason the software works so well is because it has incorporated various scripts and software of previously successful apps and projects and uses them to optimally create the temperature for the water itself.

If the time ever comes where the hot tub is always accurate, then the model could be shifted to be put into households. When you wake up in the morning before work, it is a bit of a chore to get the right temperature in the shower. In this case, the software would automatically pick up the right temperature based on the room.

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