Self Cooking Oven

This is a very experimental product, and it will most likely not be ready for the next few years, but what we have invested in recently and has become public is the self cooking oven. It works exactly as it sounds.

If you input the type of meat that you are cooking and the various levels that you want it cooked at if applicable, this oven will cook the food for you automatically. There are four separate heated shelves that you can cook with, meaning that you could make an entire Sunday roast automatically thanks to this oven. The way it works is genius, but we cannot go into too much detail as the project is still a long way from being mass produced and giving away all secrets will damage us.

Quite honestly, you can see why this one is an obvious project to invest in. If you are able to mass produce an oven that can cook four separate products at the same time without you having to do anything as the oven even chooses the time that it will be cooked for based on the current heat of the meat, vegetable or item that you are currently cooking, then you have broken ground. Cooking food is one of the few things that you have to do in order to survive in life, and it is one of the few things that nobody likes to do.

If you are able to create a product that will literally be a household name, then you are creating a doorway into the history books and a billion-dollar company. Let us just hope it is going to be as successful as we truly believe that it will be! This is a project that has the chance to revolutionise homes and restaurants around the world rapidly, but there is a slight concern about the loss of jobs.

Digital Marketing Agency Denver were the investors of the product originally.

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